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• Designed to drive your sales volume and reduce your costs
• Easy to propose, order, deploy, support and grow

With the Top Choice portfolio, you can easily propose an out-of-the-box data centre solution for your SMB clients – featuring best-selling Lenovo® servers, storage, software and services. Order, deploy, support and grow solutions with ease, then buy at local market prices which are fixed for 90 days. It’s a great way to grow your sales while reducing acquisition costs. And with Lenovo’s channel incentives you can earn fantastic rewards and prizes!


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There are always exciting sales incentives with Lenovo. Check out the list below to see what rebates and prizes you could earn;


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Enhance solutions with dual
Intel® Xeon® processors


Discover the power of adding a second Intel® Xeon® processor to your solutions and start selling with the customisable assets toolbox. The Intel® Xeon® processors bring an evolutionary leap in performance and capabilities to your end-users’ next-gen data centres.


Big performance, small cost


Today’s businesses compete on performance and cost-efficiency, attaching a second Intel® Xeon® processor delivers on both. Check out the comparison below:


Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 with one Intel® Xeon® Silver 4110 processor scores 359 on the SPECint_base_rate2006 benchmark.

Add a second Intel® Xeon® Silver-series processor and the score leaps by 1.95x to 701 – while the cost increases by only 1.07x.*

More VM value


Virtualisation and email are key priorities for your customers. With a 2nd Intel® Xeon® processor you double capacities and save up to 43% on cost per mailbox.

Attach a second Intel® Xeon® Silver 4110 processor to the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650, and run 1.94x as many mailboxes for only 1.09x the system cost.*

These processors are also ready for today’s software defined infrastructures and agile cloud architectures.


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Intel® Xeon® Processors





Get the message out
to end-users with our customisable assets.

Show your customers all the great benefits of adding an extra Intel® Xeon® processor.
Simply download the assets below, then add your logo and contact details for a
fully customised email, flyer and web-banner!


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* Based on Intel performance data. For more information go to www.intel.com/performance.